Natalie’s life as an active alcoholic and drug addict ended in 1999 at the age of 22 when she found sobriety. It was in those early months of new recovery that she first experienced the pink cloud effect, a sense of peace and bliss that came without conditions. She was graced by this elation for a short time before process addictions – addictions to behaviors – began to consume her. Natalie began to use people and food the
way she used substances. This powerlessness continued for many years until she hit bottom. Through a life transformational course, she rediscovered the magic of the pink cloud and began to recreate her life from the ground up. Meditation became her new foundation and her portal to living life on the pink cloud in a more permanent way. By following the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Abraham Hicks, Natalie learned how to feel empowered by creating her own elevated emotions through connecting with the divine in meditation and present-moment awareness. Natalie embraces the nomadic lifestyle and bides her time between southeast Asia and the mountains of Mexico.

Natalie leads meditation groups and workshops, and is also available for private coaching in the realms of addiction recovery, meditation, and spirituality. She offers private energy healing, reiki, and intuitive readings using Tarot. She also can be hired for creative writing content, copywriting, and editing.


Email is easiest – please use pinkcloudmeditations@gmail.com to send me a message.